Merchant Bank of Srilanka PLC

Merchant Bank of Srilanka PLC

16th November 2011, the Merchant Bank of Srilanka Announced to Colombo Stock Exchange, that the Board of Directors Decided to allot the above mentioned Unsecured Redeemable Debentures on the Following Basis,

No of Debentures AppliesBasis of Allotment
Upto 100,000100%
100,100 – 250,00090%
250,100 – 500,00080.58%
500,100 – 1,000,00072.50%
1,000,100 – 2,000,00070%
2,000,100 – 2,500,00065%


All the Above Allotment is on the Fair basis on the all Applicants.

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