ARPICO Supercenter creates Millionaire every week

ARPICO Supercenter creates Millionaire every week

The ARPICO Supper centre a shopping malls offers wide range of experience in consumption, creates a Millionaires every week in this Christmas/ New Year season.

Shop for Rs. 3,000.00 or more, including Nominated Brands and stand a chance to win a Soniq LED TV Everyday or Win Rs. 5,000.00 worth of gift vouchers every day.

The Specially additional coupons for the Privilege Card Members to enjoy up to 30% discounts on over 2000 Products.

The Offer is only valid from 15th November 2011 to 8th January 2011.

The Nominated Brands are

  1. surf excel
  2. Vim
  3. Lux
  4. Ceylonta
  5. Keells
  6. Fa
  7. M
  8. Coca-Cola
  9. Lion Soda
  10. Fanta
  11. Edna
  12. Munchee
  13. Flora
  14. Clogard
  15. Anchor
  16. DENIM

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