Lower IDD rate by Etisalat Srilanka

Lower IDD rate by Etisalat Srilanka

The Etisalat Srilanka offers an attractive IDD rates to your countries, keep in touch with Family, Friend and who you love.

And purchases Rs. 200.00 IDD card with Free 50.00 of extra IDD talk time or Dial *250 to enable these lower rates on your Etisalat line.


Fixed Lines


Kuwait LKR      9.00 LKR   15.00
Jordan LKR      9.00 LKR   11.00
Qatar LKR    17.00 LKR   18.00
China LKR      1.90 LKR     1.90
Lebanon LKR      9.00 LKR   20.00
Canada LKR      2.00 LKR     2.00
Malaysia LKR      2.00 LKR     4.00
Cyprus LKR      2.00 LKR     9.00
Italy LKR      2.00 LKR   17.00
United Kingdom LKR      2.00 LKR   14.00
Singapore LKR      3.00 LKR     3.00
South Korea LKR      3.00 LKR     7.00
Bahrain LKR      3.00 LKR   14.00
Australia LKR      2.00 LKR   13.00
Oman LKR    17.00 LKR   25.00
Israel LKR      5.00 LKR   15.00
Philippines LKR    13.00 LKR   19.00
USA LKR      2.00 LKR     2.00


Conditions Apply,

The offer is valid till 31st December 2011

Dial 100 before the IDD number

Above rates are excluding government taxes

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  • anonymous says:

    These idd rates are very expensive when they are subjected to goverment taxes,gov tax will charge Rs 3 for each idd min, and other idd taxes. so its very expensive to get idd call by per min or per second plans, so just try Hutch bulk idd plans,there are suitable idd packges and you will have free idd minutes,its very cheap than etisalt,mobiltel or dialog idd per min,or idd per second plans.
    Because hutch idd package rates have showed with all gov taxes include,no hidden charges,
    and reload Rs 399 and get Rs 800 Idd calls for 16 countries.

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