“]Copier for Rent with Minimum commitments of Rs. 6,000 per Month]

Copier for Rent with Minimum commitments of Rs. 6,000 per Month

The Superior enterprises (Pvt) Ltd offer the service of Copier for Rent. The Copiers are available for rent at affordable cost of Rs. 6000 per month.

The companies and communications which are using Photocopiers in most will be ultimate solution for rent a Copier with cost benefits.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Monthly rentalRs. 6000
Minimum rate per A4 PhotocopyRs. 3.00
No of Photo copies2000 Copies
Photo copy per day [Average]66 Pages


The Communications, which are operating and photocopying more than 70 Pages will be ultimate profitable to rent a Copier option. The companies where taking many copy documents will be good options to rent a Copier than Buy a New one.

For More information about the Rent a Copier

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