The express highway or Express Train services not enough to develop srilanka as tourism icon. But these Infrastructure developments will value added to the tourist attraction. As every srilankan know, srilanka is a blessed country with beauty and natural resources.

Srilanka have high potential to develop tourism industries than any other industries in the market, because srilanka is added with all side seen expected by the tourist. The lacking part was the infrastructure and hospitality services

But these days srilanka indicated higher level of tourist arrivals and higher level of foreign income generated through tourism. Therefore the infrastructure developments will boost the tourism in srilanka with Icons of

Greenly Srilanka

Modernized Srilanka

Historical country of Srilanka

Wonder of Asia

Therefore as a srilankan, every citizen have a duty to support every tourist arrived srilanka and position that srilankan are mostly welcome them again.

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