EXPO 2012 Srilanka – Exhibition from 28th to 31st March 2012 in Srilanka

EXPO 2012 Srilanka – Exhibition from 28th to 31st March 2012 in Srilanka

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Srilanka Export Development Board Organized the EXPO 2012 Srilanka. The Exhibition is with the motive of Developing the international markets and International trades through Srilanka.

The Apparels, Tea, Rubber, Gem & Jewellary, ICT/BPO and Spices are taken part in the events to add value to international markets. The above lists of products are where positioning the Srilanka to the Foreign Market with the unique identity.

Over 300 Manufacturing exporters will showcase the goods and services from the traditional exports to Modern Export Markets. Where the exports markets will dominate that srilanka is Hub of Asia for Future Businesses.

Events to be held in daily basis on Expo 2012 Srilanka

28th March 2012 – Investment Forum

The Investment Forum will educate the foreigner to invest in Srilanka and how the Future markets in Srilanka for the Investments.

29th March 2012 – Trade Symposium

This will educate about srilanka global trade frameworks and how its works.

30th March 2012 – Forum on Tourism

The forum will gives information about the tourism industries in Srilanka and how to develop the Tourism in Srilanka.

From 28th to 30th March 2012 – Trade Exhibition

This is where the Trade exhibition is available for you to find what exactly you want in export quality.

for more information, EXPO 2012 Srilanka – Click Here


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