Indian announced that has open up its stock market to individual investors to invest on fast growing country. This is the 1st time that India has opened to the foreign individual to invest on their stock market.

The open up strategic decisions will be implementing from 15th January 2012 with effectively. With the foreign investments are expecting to enrich their economy and the business of India in 2012.

Factors to consider investing in Indian stock market

Growth Rate

The recent past Indian economy has indicated a lower economic growth such as 6.9% in last quarter. There are opportunities and threats for the investors to invest in Indian Stock Market

  1. Higher potential growths with the demands of goods and services on Indian populations, which leading to higher demand for products and services in Domestic and Internationally.
  2. May lead to weak due to the international market sentiments of wearer growth and negative indications.

Inflation Rate

The Indian inflation rates are hike as 9.11% in recent past. The inflation is leading the rising prices in domestic. Due to the higher inflation rate and lower excess cash in hand will lead to lesser investments or lesser movements in stock markets.

Therefore the government of India needs to manage the inflation levels, which is director impacting to the foreign direct investment to the country.

Infrastructure Developments

The infrastructure of India indicates a positive side of investments, Where Indian government heavy invested on the infrastructure to developed living standards on public.

The improvements of infrastructures are indirect investment tool for the investors to measure the development of country and the development of the stock market.

Bright India in 2012

With the all new strategies, we expect the India will be growing faster in South Asian region. Therefore may these foreign investments will bring boost to India to develop much better way than now.

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