The tech Mahindra announced; it has buyout Satyam Computers in order to consolidate the information technology and related businesses and form a single entity provides service better to customers.

The Tech Mahindra brought 42.7% of state in 2009, when the Satyam Computer was on margin of collapse following an accounting scandal.  With their control of Tech Mahindra on Satyam Computers; the Satyam was rename as Mahindra Satyam and carrying out businesses successfully.

Due to the recent merger activity the remaining shares of the Satyam Computers will exchange with Tech Mahindra at consideration of 8.5 Satyam Shares will equivalent to 1 Tech Mahindra shares.

While Tech Mahindra announced it as a merger, it was a 100% Acquired by Tech Mahindra.

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