The Srilankan Air Taxi Proposed to Opens a New Sea Plane Landing location near to Bandaranayke international Airport, Srilanka.

The Project is developing for facilitating for the tourist convenience and the domestic needs of speed transport to airport on demand.

Where srilanka had nearly 900,000 tourist arrival in 2011 and will expecting 1 Million tourists in current year of 2012. These Sea plane facilities will convenience to tourist and extra income for the Nation.


Prasanna’s View on Sea Plane Development

The sea Plane business is much successes business in Maldives, where the Maldives International Airport itself having Sea planes facilities will help the Maldivian tourist to reach their destination Quicker and safer. This was successful business in Maldives due to many tiny islands without proper Road transport service and the purpose of tourist is mainly on entertainment.

The Sea Plane business for srilanka is new; and it’s have Benefits and Weakness too.

Benefits of Sea Plane (Srilankan Air taxi) Facilities in Srilanka

  • Attract to New Segment of Tourism into Srilanka
  • Expand the Quick View of Srilanka with Sea Plane Rotes
  • Quick Access to Desire Location (Subject to landing Points)
  • Encourage more foreign Currency income to Srilanka
  • Value added to Tourism and value added to Air Transport
  • Develop new Experience to Tourist and Locals

Weaknesses or Negative Points for Sea Plane (Srilankan Air taxi) Facilities in Srilanka

  • Most of the Tourist from India ( less Focus on Entertainment)
  • Lack of Landing Options (only on Limited sea plane landing facilities)
  • high cost compare to other transport options available
  • Not widely Available Service
  • Less Marketing Strategies to Develop


While we can develop the srilanka tourism with the icon of Green Island with Green Environment; will encourage tourist to view Srilanka Over sky and exciting with Green Country.

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