After the Successful Launched of Agni V Missile the whole world turn around to India’s side an questioning is India going to Develop Agni 6 Missile with capacity to travel 10,000 Km.

It’s a real valid question by over all worlds, where the India Launched its Agni 5 Missile after the successful launched of Agni 4 in 4 months after.

Therefore the world keep eye on whether India will prepare the Missile or get ready their research team to Agni Vi.

According to Sources, the Agni V Having capacity attack

  • Any Places in Pakistan
  • Any Places in China
  • East Europe Countries
  • North African Countries
  • East African Countries
  • Australia ( From Nicobar Islands)

If the India going to research on Agni 6 Missile, it may be in range of 6,000 Km to 10,000 Km. Be proud to Say India becomes developed country as Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Thought.

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