Srilanka Tourism Industry have faces Major Boost in near futures, Because of Tourist attractiveness the government of Srilanka has promoting Tourism Investment into the country.

Tourism in 2011

The Srilanka has recorded 820,000 Tourist arrivals in 2011 with Revenue of USD 800 Million. While the Tourism Board expecting 920,000 Tourist arrivals with the foreign income of USD 1.0 Billion.

New Segmentations of Srilanka Tourism

The Government has designated 4 Resort Development Zone in Srilanka.

  1. Dedduwa, Bentota
  2. Kalpitiya
  3. Kuchchaveli
  4. Pasikudah

All the above segments are in Different Part of Island, the Development of the Resort development will help the srilanka Government to Generate Revenue and Job opportunities for Local residents.

Dedduwa, Bentota

The Dedduwa, Bentota is one Sothern Part of Srilanka and one of the famous Current tourism Place. The Dedduwa, Bentota is further developed by allocating 1,800 Acre to hotels and resort developments to support tourism to nation.


The Kalpitiya is North West part of Srilanka; the Government had offered long term leased agreement for tourism for the 20 Island off Kalpitiya’s 13 KM Long shoreline.


The North East Part of Srilanka; the Tourism Zone is bordered till Nilaveli. The Government has declares 500 Acres in Kuchchaveli develop new tourism zone in North East.


The Pasikudah is one of famous tourist location in eastern part of island, where the Government has pay attention to develop more Pasikudah for the sea sports and tourist in most.


Investment of Srilanka Tourism

The Board of Investment has invites the Foreigners and Locals to take part of Development in tourism.  The Board of Investment has sets 2 Types of investments.

Mid Scale Investment

The BOI has approved the Investment up to Rs. 50 Million or USD 400,000 of Build New Hotels &resorts or renovate.

The investment will enable one year Tax Holiday and Duty Free Raw Material Imports.

Large Scale Investment

The BOI has Sets up the investment more than Rs.  300 Million Or USD 2.4 Million of builds new Hotels or Resorts or renovate.

The Large scale investment will enable to 6 to 12 year Tax Holidays.


It’s an attractive investment for Locals and Foreigners to make at grownup Economy of Srilanka.

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