The Friso an international branded infant milk power have reduced their prices in Srilanka. while the government has imposed an control prices on infant milks, the Friso reduce much lower than the control prices to benefiting the customers.


Original Price

Price fixed by Price Control authority

Friso special Reduced Price

Friso 1Rs. 1,100.00Rs. 880.00Rs.710.00
Friso 2Rs. 1,100.00Rs. 699.00Rs. 690.00
Friso 3Rs. 1,050.00Rs. 1050.00Rs. 650.00
Friso comfortRs. 1,100.00Rs. 795.00Rs. 710.00


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Friso New Prices in Srilanka

Friso New Prices in Srilanka

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