The Central Finance Company offers a New Leasing Options to the TATA Nano Potential Buyers attractive options.

TATA Nano Monthly Leasing Option with Central Finance

You can Obtain TATA Nano CX valued of Rs. 1,460,000 with VAT in attractive Leasing options of made an Initial Down payment of Rs.176,666 and Monthly Installment of Rs. 36,900 for 5 Years.

Tata Nano CX – Cash Purchases Rs. 1,460,000.00

TATA Nano CX leasing

Initial Down Payment:Rs. 176,666.00
Monthly Installment:Rs. 36,900.00
For 5 Years:Rs. 2,214,000
Total Cost through Leasing:Rs. 2,390,666
Leasing Cost for Buyer:Rs. 930,666.00


Replace your Three Wheeler for TATA Nano CX with Central Finance

The Central Finance offers an attractive daily Lease option for Three Wheeler replacement for TATA Nano.

Depend on valuation of Three Wheels, will taken consider of Rs. 350,000.00 you may Obtain Brand New TATA Nano CX for Daily lease of Rs. 1,220.00 for 5 Years.

Three wheel Valuation:Rs. 350,000.00
Daily Lease Payment:Rs. 1,220.00
Total daily Lease Payment for 5 Years:Rs. 2,226,500.00
Total Payment to Lease:Rs. 2,576,500.00
Lease Cost for Buyer:Rs. 1,116,500.00


The Leasing are attractive options for Value for Money and would help the Self Entrepreneurs to develop their Businesses from Three wheelers to Tata Nano Taxis.

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TATA Nano New Leasing Option with Central Finance

TATA Nano New Leasing Option with Central Finance

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