The Muliti National Souvenir, Gift and Handicraft manufacturer and distributor ‘Fakih Group’ looking for the Joint Venture partner in Srilanka, the Joint Venture not in terms of Capital equity but in terms of Skilled Handicraft man.

The Fakih Group is supplies their Souvenir, Gifts and Handicrafts in 28 Countries and having manufacturing operations in 14 Counties. Such as

UAE467 Items
Philippines3600 Items
Thailand22,467 Items
Turkey1,130 Items
Morocco12,290 Items
Nepal2,315 Items
Cambodia1,310 Items
African Collection3,590 Items
Indonesia11,274 Items
India55,924 Items
Egypt1,936 Items
Yemen3,600 Items
China160,128 Item


The Fakih Group is looking for Srilanka Joint Venture in Srilanka to add on this list, while the Fakih Group have done a investment in Udaperadeniya in Kandy with 30 Families and with only on USD 230,000.

It’s an opportunity for the Srilanka handicraft Industry boost with international brand and develop their local production and export.


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