The Quality control is an important job role in any organizations that are in manufacturing and service providing. The quality controllers are the responsible for the identifying the defects and improve quality of the products.

The Brandix College of Clothing technology invites applications for the Certificate of Attendance in Quality Control on part time basis.

The programme will content

  • Quality, Defects, Inspection, quality control, Quality assurance
  • Customer expectations and importance of satisfying customers
  • Controlling quality at different stages of garment manufacturing
  • Sewing defect formation and rectification
  • Quality auditing with AQL
  • Tally charts, trend charts, pareto analysis, cause effect diagram
  • Introduction to statistical process control (SPC)


Entry Requirement:2 years of experience in the clothing industry
Commencing date:14th October 2012
Duration:4 Sundays
Course fee:Rs. 15,000.00


For more information see below image


Certificate of Attendance in Quality Control by Brandix

Certificate of Attendance in Quality Control by Brandix

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