The Uni Walkers Automobile introduces Jonway A380 to Srilanka for the introductive price of Rs. 4,500,000.00 with inclusive of VAT and USD 10,550 for permit Holders.

The Jonway A380 suitable vehicles for who seeks luxury and affordability with below features

  • 1.6L Manual
  • Dual Airbags
  • Climate Control AC
  • Multi Function Streering
  • Projector Head Lights
  • Power Windows and Mirrors
  • Leather Seats (1.8L)
  • 16” Alloy Wheels
  • Front Fog Lights
  • Rear Windshield wiper
  • Roof Rails
  • Reclining rear seats

With 2 Years or 50,000 Km Warranty and Free motor Insurance cover by Uni Walkers.

For More detail see below image or call Uni Walkers on 0773 755 637 or 0773 945 255


Jonway A380 for Rs. 4.5 Million or USD 10,500.00 in Srilanka

Jonway A380 for Rs. 4.5 Million or USD 10,500.00 in Srilanka

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  • Gayan says:

    Nice SUV with good price tag,i saw d vehicle & had a tets run.. feels good,not d japanese comfiness & smoothness,but farely ok,specially when u consider d price…!
    any one pls tell about fuel consumtion & long term running expierience.. thanks..

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Mr.Gayan,

      Thanks for your Sharing, i too feel this is good for money, but i don’t know about the Fuel Consumption and long run running experience,
      you can contact Uni Walkers on 0773 755 637 or 0773 945 255,


    • Jeewan says:

      Hi Gayan.. Sorry I saw this question of yours only now about fuel consumption. I own Jonway A380 (1.6L Version). It’ll be exactly one year since I bought it in May. The fuel consumption on Colombo running is between 10km/L and 11km/L. Out station i get 13km/L (I kid You not). And believe me on the Nothern expressway I got 14.5km/L. And upto now i have had no major repairs or anything as such. I hope this helps.


    Apparently I’m completing 5000Km of my Jonway A380 SUV 1.6Lt manual by now. If comment on fuel consumption, i would say it will depend on various conditions such as your driving style, speed, traffic, road condition and so on. If one need average idea I experienced 10-11Km/Lt on southern highway at touching 155km/Hrs and 7.8Km-8Km-9Km/Lt in Colombo in various time lines. Car is stable on high speeds and turns. The amount I spent, nothing complaint so far. Everything depends on the service factors of Uni Walkers and beyond. All in all, Good looking SUV and you will get the attention when you need it most.

  • Duminda says:

    Hi Roshan de silva

    i am also using the same vehicle. Did you face any issuses with your vehicle.sinces your have complete 5000 Km what was the issues faced by you. plaese reply


  • Lakmal says:

    I am not happy with this vehicle. When it comes for the fine work, it has the worst appearance. Interior parts do not match with each other, Rattling noise, Air bag indicator is on, Corrosion is about to start and in worse the vehicle is only at its 1500kms on ODO. Yes all this is covered under warranty but is this the way to have a B’new Vehicle ? If there is a opportunity I will be first to sell it off. And the feeling you have that you were tricked to buy this vehicle is priceless…

  • anuruddha says:

    please seand me
    jonway jeep dilates

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