Every student would love to have their educations from the reputed institute in the world, therefore many of them trying to immigrate to Europe, USA or Australia to gets our degree programmes. While Every Srilankan parents are willing to send their children to send aboard and obtain a good education at affordable price.

So ultimately the see the education Opportunity in Malaysia where its cost as affordable than visiting Europe, USA or Australia to get their Degree.

While there is an unclear point for parents about the cost if Education is Malaysia, here is a research indicative given for your Prior analysis on Decisions.


Annual Fee

Living Expenses

Total Annual fee

Total Cost for 3 Years (Mini)

Srilanka Rupees

Malaysia Public

USD 3,000.00

USD 5,000.00

USD 8,000.00

 USD 24,000.00

 LKR  3,096,000.00
Malaysia Private

USD 6,000.00

USD 5,000.00

USD 11,000.00

USD 33,000.00

 LKR  4,257,000.00

USD 15,000.00

USD 11,000.00

USD 26,000.00

USD 78,000.00

 LKR  10,062,000.00

USD 16,000.00

USD 12,000.00

USD 28,000.00

USD 84,000.00

 LKR  10,836,000.00

USD 17,000.00

USD 13,000.00

USD 30,000.00

USD 90,000.00

 LKR  11,610,000.00
USA State

USD 18,000.00

USD 12,000.00

USD 30,000.00

USD 90,000.00

 LKR  11,610,000.00
USA Private

USD 35,000.00

USD 12,000.00

USD 47,000.00

USD 141,000.00

 LKR  18,189,000.00

USD 18,000.00

USD 13,000.00

USD 31,000.00

USD 93,000.00

 LKR  11,997,000.00


The above is indications of the cost of Malaysian Degrees,  investing in Education good, according to their investment capabilities.


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