The CIMA UK conducted the forum on Taxation policies and Impacts for the Directors Decision Making, the CIMA Srilanka Division organize a successive forum to educate and much more about the investment decision.

Course Content

  • Demystification of Web of taxes
  • Import Duties
  • Tax Risk Management and Managing tax cost
  • Role of tax health checks in tax governance of an organization
  • Development of a Tax risk management policy for the organisation
  • Keeping an eye on effective tax rate
  • An assessor –friend or foe
  • Carrying out a dialogue with your tax consultant and tax assessor
  • Tax planning Vs. Tax avoidance
  • Tax and dividend policy of the company
  • Fundamentals of tax planning
  • Directors’ liability with regard to taxes of the company
  • Personal taxes of directors including share based payment.
Date:22nd and 24th October 2012
Time:3.00 Pm to 6.00 Pm
Venue:Cinnamon Grand, Colombo
CIMA Member:Rs. 15,000.00
Non Member:Rs. 18,000.00


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