The HSBC Srilanka Made offer for week of 16th October 2012 to 22nd October 2012 period, now you can enjoy your shopping experience with better saving and Planed.




16th October 2012Glory Swimshop, Colombo 520% Off
17th October 2012Brands Boutique, Colombo 320% Off
18th October 2012Aashkii, Colombo 720% Off
19th October 2012Vaishi, Colombo 520% Off
20th October 2012Kamsins, Colombo 620% Off
21st October 2012Lalitha Textiles, Colombo 1130% Off
22nd October 2012Iman, Colombo 420% Off


For more information about the HSBC Daily Offer visit or see below image

HSBC this week Credit Card Offers

HSBC this week Credit Card Offers

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