Srilanka Government Budget Proposal 2013 – Quick Overview

Srilanka Government Budget Proposal 2013 – Quick Overview

President Mahinda Rajapaksa will present the 2013 Budget in Parliament today as the Finance Minister. This Budget would be 66th Budgets of the Srilankan Government and 34th Budget of Democratic Socialist Republic of Srilanka.

Total Projected Income for year 2013     Rs. 1,280.00 Billion

Total Projected Expenses for Year 2013 Rs. 2,520.00 Billion

Total Budget Deficit for Year 2013             Rs. 1,240.00 Billion


Top 5 Spenders (Ministries)
  1. Defence and Urban Development
Rs. 289.5 Billion
  1. Local Government and Provincial Council
Rs.132.8 Billion
  1. Ports and Highways
Rs. 131.6 Billion
  1. Public Administration and Home Affairs
Rs. 127.9 Billion
  1. Health
Rs. 93.5 Billion

Least 5 Spenders (Ministries)

  • Petroleum Industries
Rs. 132.0 Million
  • Public Management Reforms
Rs. 172.0 Million
  • Foreign Employment promotion and welfare
Rs. 325.7 Million
  • Parliamentary Affairs
Rs. 417.0 Million
  • State Resources & Enterprise Development
Rs. 430.0 Million


The total Maximum borrowing has been increase by 12.6% from 2012 to 1.24 Trillion Rupees.

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