Japan one of the old and longest friend nation of Srilanka would like to take new Investment opportunities in 2012 and 2013.

Investment on Fishery Industry

The recent trends shows that the Japan is keen to invest in Srilankan Fishing industry specially the “Tuna King” Kiyoshi Kimura recently visited to Srilanka and has agreed to invest in Srilanka and provides necessary technical assistants to Srilankan Fishery industry.

Investment of Ayurvadic products

A set of Japanese Delegations visits srilanka recently and made feasibility on starting 500 Ayurvadic centers and spa in Japan and some in Srilanka. Especially the Ayurvadic products are keen to used for the elders homes and cure for varies ills.

Investment on Government Treasury Bills

The Tokyo Investment house has an initial position to invest about Japans Yen of 10 Billion (USD 125 Million) in Srilanka Government Treasury Bills and Bonds.

Investment in Hotels

The Teoria Investment Co.Ltd have made an decisions to purchases few Hotels in Srilanka in Down South and helps to tourism in Srilanka

Investment of Solar Power Generation

The Zuc International having an idea to invest in Srilanka on the developing 10 MW power generation via solar plant. This would approximate the investment of USD 50 Million.


Most of the recent investment opportunities are indicating the Srilanka to develop the position towards to better country around the world.


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