Aviation Engineers of the AAC – Kingston University collaborative programmes are among the most sought after aviation professionals with high industry recognition & great career progressions.

In the current context of increasing demand (or air travel and resulting airline fleet improvements, our engineering students with highly recognized UK qualifications, academic knowledge & technical competencies are poised to embark on lucrative careers in aviation – anywhere in the world.

The B.Sc (Hons) In Aerospace Engineering degree conducted by the Asian Aviation Centre (AAC) affiliated with Kingston University. UK will provide in-depth knowledge on various disciplines associated with Aerospace Engineering and is accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) leading to Incorporated Engineer (I Eng) status. Theory and practical applications covered in this course will enhance the knowledge on various subject areas applicable to Aerospace Engineering. This is a three year full-time course, with the first two years at AAC. Sri Lanka and the final year at Kingston University UK.

Asian Aviation Centre
No. 14. Trelawney Place. Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.
 Phone. +94 114510303/04
Fax: +94 114510303
email: info@aac.lk


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Aerospace Engineering Degree in Sri Lanka – Asian Aviation Centre

Aerospace Engineering Degree in Sri Lanka – Asian Aviation Centre

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