Despite registration of students for admission to the Sri Lanka Law College commencing after a three-week delay, the student union threatens to continue with its protests over the revision of the entrance exam syllabus.

Though the demand from the Law Entrance Students’ Union was to re-conduct the exams, the Law College administration decided to bring down the cut-off mark from 69 to 66 and enrol an additional 242 students increasing the total number to 551 unlike the other years where the number was less than 300.

It was also decided to revise the law entrance examination syllabus from one subject to two. Since 1998, the exam consisted of one subject which was a background to la w but the latest syllabus includes a language paper and a paper for general knowledge and intelligence. It was made mandatory for students to sit for one paper in English.

But the Law College administration has decided to go ahead with the latest syllabus.

Law College Principal Dr. W.D. Rodrigo said the decision to revise the syllabus was in the best interests of the legal profession.

He said the latest syllabus has been the entrance exam syllabus from 1971 to 1998. This method has been tested for decades,” Dr. Rodrigo said.

The papers will be prepared in all three languages for students to choose one in Sinhala or Tamil language.

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