Places to See in Mullaitivu, Srilanka

Mullaitivi, Srilanka is become hotspot of Srilankan Tourism for Srilankans and Tourist after the ends of war with LTTE in 2009.

the most of the tour companies in Srilanka do arrange torus to Mullaitivi, Kilinochchi,Jaffna with special packages.

There are many War memorials are in Mullaitivi, Srilanka such as

Places (Locations)

  • Nanthikadal Lagoon
  • Vellamullivaikkal
  • Pudumathalan
  • Puthukuduirrippu

Places to see in Mullaitivi

  • Ship M.V Farah
  • Parabhakaran’s House with four tier bunker
  • Soosai’s House
  • Shooting range
  • Swimming pool with a length of 82 feet
  • Unfinished submarines
  • Submarine testing pool
  • Thousands of vehicle skeletons in graveyard
  • Sea tiger vessels

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