Sri Lanka is target over USD 2 Billion in foreign investments, this 2013, while Sri Lanka attracts USD 1.2 Billion in 2012.

The Investment Promotion Ministry will focus on four sectors in this regard. Tourism, education, industrial development and the service sector have been listed this year to attract foreign investors.

Around 12,000 students go abroad annually for education draining over USS 400 million from the country a year. The taken to attract foreign investment in the sector to establish foreign universities and educational institutes in the country to prevent brain drain and the foreign exchange outflow.

The minister explained that education is a vast sector of foreign investment and can be attracts 95% of Pakistanis and Indians who fail to qualifying for UK Visa under education matters.

Tourism is another major field to attract investors towards the country. Many programmes will be launched cantering the Kalpitiya area to develop tourism in year 2013.

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