Asian e University’s MBA (Master in Business Administration) has a lot of flexibility towards the Students who are interested in boosting their career with a master’s degree. Not only because it’s  the developing time of Asian economy that will open the gates for new Financial stages, but also their MBA program has steps that suits everyone who are looking forward to doing it.

Within Its Multinational basis stronger roots AEU not only secures its standards but also provides assuredness towards the students who are in doubts of reliability. And also by saying out loud that AEU is a member of Commonwealth association of universities, it seals the trust and wipe off the doubts in student’s mind.

AEU gives a great opportunities to students with its MBA by providing a Part time program that can be done within 2 years, which is excellent for the professionals who can work while they Learn, and Brings a great deal of practicality by adding

Electives and specialization areas that allow students to get latest strategies and knowledge easily applied to working place. And also, a good deal of flexibility by Conducting Exams once in 4 months, but upon the student’s convenient he can opt to defer and continue at a later date.

Ease of Payment is another key addition to this great program because students can work and pay as they continue to study, eliminating the full payment up front, which most people find difficult and awkward. And also with the lectures panel that are from both academic and professional is a real gemstone, when competing with other institutes in the field.

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AeU MBA Degree Programme in Srilanka – April 2013

AeU MBA Degree Programme in Srilanka – April 2013

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