After ending the 35 year long War in Sri Lanka, the country breathe a sigh of relief and before it exhales, we are on the brink of another war, the war of economy.  Joining hands with this war, Sri Lankan construction industry has gained an accelerated growth where the country has made Infrastructure Development one of its main priorities.

When it comes to CCISL, the Chamber of Construction Industry, Sri Lanka, holds a large number of corporate membership which very well exceeds over 250 Private Companies and Government Agencies all together. CCI, as it claims, considers itself to be conscientious to promote the services provided by its member institutions in order to facilitate the expansion of the industry.

It is a great idea at this stage, for the countries construction squad, to expose themselves in this rising economy, and show a new area of field that can be used in this country which rebuilds itself. This is why Build SL construction exhibition and trade fare is absolutely essential, for both the sides.

Being endorsed by the  Ministry of external affairs, Ministry of environment, and the ministry of Power and energy, shows to its targeted audience that this is something that they do not want to miss if they are looking for getting the service and investing themselves in the business of construction industry. And also The CCISL acts as a Spotlight, through the  build Sri Lanka, and Shows a clear and the whole picture and ease its way by getting they all together to its prospects, which will act as a comprehensive and distributed solution of showing the whole area of construction and opportunities through a one single Trade fair.

And most importantly, will generate awareness amongst the public and constructor alike, in general publication Products, Services and novel Technologies Used by the Construction Industry.


Be ready to take part of this event and maximize your utilities from 10th may to 12th May 2013 at BMICH Colombo.


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Build Sri Lanka a Construction Industry Exhibition & Trade fair on 10th to 12th May 2013

Build Sri Lanka a Construction Industry Exhibition & Trade fair on 10th to 12th May 2013

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