Uniqueness in the Crab paradise will attract more customers because of rather than attaching the more variety, this is targeted audience of crab lovers

Adding a Sri Lankan Crab curry will not only attract local Customers, but In Large numbers of foreign customers who would like to taste different flavors in South Asia. The bill gives away a hotline, which is good but also needs to be said where it is located will be a good move.

It is also a good move to have a traditional Sri Lankan meal, serves both local suburbs and tourist alike. Adding a Different flavors and different types to chose from is very essential for the local audience

See below as menu of Crab paradise Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Crab Meal
Crab curry with Murunga leaves, rice, dhal, kiri kos and pol sambolRs. 1,200.00 per person
Black Pepper crab/Singapore Chillie crab, Egg fried rice, kankun, bean curd in hot garlic sauce with Chillie pasteRs. 1,300.00 per person (min 2 persons)


Only Crab Curry, Black pepper, Singapore Chillie
Small (2Persons)Rs. 1,800.00
Medium (3 Persons)Rs. 2,900.00
Large (4 Persons)Rs. 4,000.00
Black Tiger Prawns Curry (4 Persons)Rs. 1.950.00
Garlic Tiger Prawns (4 Persons)Rs. 1,930.00


For more information contact Crab Pradise on 0117323231 or see below image

Crab paradise Special Promotions for the Sea food Lovers

Crab paradise Special Promotions for the Sea food Lovers

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