Being branded as the Sri Lanka’s first 4g smart phone, LG Optimus G comes out with several exciting features that consumer couldn’t resist. This is as exciting as it is a great breakthrough Which LG has made. Having no doubt that this phone will adore by LG lovers who have waited so long for this breakthrough. And at a glance, it enters the Sri Lanka’s Elite phone market and threatens to its rulers, apple and Samsung.

With the 4.7” display and LG’s new “Zerogap Touch” technology really gives the users more efficient touch experience. And also this display addressed the newer generation of mobile Smartphone users with impressive colures and HD capability.  Another huge advantage is that with its impressive Display design, LG optimus G able the customer to view the display outdoors in direct sunlight. and together with  LG’s first quad-core phone and compatibility with  Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, Optimus G  Unlocks a whole new world off applications and possibilities and a smoother stage with high end processing and a better  Gaming experience to make them act. With its swift and smooth browsing the web eases the customer and brings more speed to the connectivity with its 4g LTE, averaging over 25.5 Mbps download speed.

The Price tag, however, is not a match to its main rival in Sri Lankan Market, Samsung Galaxy SIII which provides similar and sometimes better services. And being in Boxy shape Makes customers lesser encourage of buying optimus G. Even though the Phone was a high end processing, unfortunately, all that speed makes for some overheating issues, and some complaint about not sufficient battery life. And camera performance is not at best comparing to I phone 4, 5 and SG3, 4.

And the other Major problem is, Sri Lanka is still its early age of 4g, only covering Colombo and Kandy city. This fast – connecting phone makes no use whatsoever comparing to the lack of powerful connections and not enough hotspots in Sri Lanka.

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