Study Masters in Business Psychology from the prestigious Heriot Watt University at the Oxford College of Business in Sri Lanka which is the first Business School in Sri Lanka to offer an MSc in Business Psychology. This unique Masters programme is designed to provide in depth psychological insight into human behaviour with a focus on employees, consumers and financial decision makers.

This unique viewpoint will help current and aspiring business leaders to optimise their sales and managerial effectiveness. The programme explores into optimal means of designing products, how to get the most out of employees, how to lead employees, how to attract customers and how to successfully change commercial organisations.

Course content includes

  • Consumer and Economic Psychology,
  • Leadership,
  • Psychology of Coaching,
  • Ergonomics,
  • Organisational Culture,
  • Social and Organisational change,
  • Diversity,
  • Research methods and Dissertation.

Duration: 01 year

Total investment: Rs 600,000/=

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Oxford College of Business

No 100, Thurston Road, Colombo 10.

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Master in Business Psychology – Heriot Watt University

Master in Business Psychology – Heriot Watt University

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