In a situation where Tourism makes the Most of our country’s economy.  And having a massive competition, Changes that make the difference stands out from the others.

With the luxury of micro Tourer, you can Bring your business of Travel and Tourism to a whole new level.  Specially designed to the Luxury travel and touring purposes, This 20 seater mini bus will really change the numbers of your business for good.

Coming with

  • 2.5L diesel CRDI engine with  Germany made BOSCH Fuel supply control system
  • Common rail Turbo charged diesel engine with 5 Speed levels of M/t


And Equipped with

  • ABS + EBD
  • GPS
  • Front and rear independent A/C
  • Power Steering, Power mirrors and Power Windows
  • Reverse camera with parking sensors
  • Rear electric defroster
  • Anti-sliding door lock
  • Anti-glare rear view mirror
  • Alloy wheels
  • CD and DVD with 15” foldable LCD and FM radio
  • Tiltable steering wheel

Bringing all this for Just 4,980,000/= and also with Either 2 years or 50,000 KM Warranty

Visit or call our MICRO branch that is nearest to you

Or see below image for more information

Micro Tourer for Rs. 4,980,000.00 (All Inclusive) – April 2013

Micro Tourer for Rs. 4,980,000.00 (All Inclusive) – April 2013

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