Nominations for the second Sri Lanka Youth Parliament will be accepted up to April 30. The Establishment of a Youth Parliament is a concept mooted by President Mahinda Rajapaksa and being implemented by Youth and Skills Development Minister through his ministry The 2nd Youth Parliament will comprise 325 parliamentarians and 77 senators. Out of them a prime minister and a 13-member cabinet a youth speaker, deputy speaker, opposition leader a leader of the house, chief government whip, and a policy organizer will also be selected.

The idea of youth parliament originated in Russia, bringing them a huge success on implementing them. The implementation of the youth parliament will come with a solid base, as it was conducted by Ministry of youth and skills development.

The chairpersons and executive committee members of registered youth societies who are between 17 and 29 years of age are eligible to submit nominations for the Youth Parliament. The members of the first Youth Parliament are also eligible to submit their nominations.

The Sri Lanka Youth Parliament is a youth led youth run initiative, which aims to mobilize and create a network of young people to bring about a positive and sustainable change to issues that affect youth and their communities in Sri Lanka.

It provides skills and opportunities for young men and women to play a leadership role in identifying and addressing the needs of their own communities.

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