Simply said, Mercury is the most skilled, highest-ranked and most dedicated ACCA Institute driven towards the success of every ACCA student. In fact, in Sri Lanka and even in the region, Mercury stands out as the No.1 ACCA tuition provider attracting the keenest minds and turning out complete work-ready’ professionals at every exam, every year.

  • Platinum status – Mercury is the highest ranked ACCA Tuition Provider in Sri Lanka.
  • Students guaranteed of a first-time pass at every Level.
  • Guarantee of Professional Qualification and BSc (Hons) Degree from Oxford Brookes University, UK in just two and a half years.
  • Specialist one-to-one coaching by Sri Lanka’s finest panel of Professional Lecturers.
  • Mercury has the country’s highest student success rate creating more Sri Lankan Prize Winners and World Prize Winners than all other Institutes put together.

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Visit Mercury ACCA Campus

376. Galle Road. Kollupitiya, Colombo 03.

Telephone: 0718864524/2370643/2370644



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ACCA Tuition providers in Sri Lanka – Mercury ACCA Campus

ACCA Tuition providers in Sri Lanka – Mercury ACCA Campus

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