China Boosting Sri Lankan Economy for Long term Relationship and Building Srilankan Products in China

Vice Minister of China’s Ministry of Commerce Chen Jian expressed interest in boosting two-way trade between the two countries and further promoting investments during a meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees.

The delegation from China’s Commerce Ministry is in Sri Lanka to take part in the joint economic and trade commission during which the delegations of the two countries will discuss plans for the next three to five years. “Our bilateral relationship is in very good shape,” Jian said. “China and Sri Lanka have a long-standing and traditional friendship. There is no barrier to further cooperation between us.”

While China-Sri Lanka two-way trade is growing, “the two countries should work together to reduce the trade deficit.” he said.

The Chinese officials informed President Rajapaksa that Sri Lankan products are becoming more popular in China and that they hope more Sri Lankan products will be introduced to the Chinese market in the future. With regard to investment promotion, Jian indicated that China, in addition to collaborating on large-scale projects would also like to invest in small and medium-scale projects.

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