Liberty Plaza goes through for Massive Development

Liberty Plaza is spending upto Rs 964 million to re-develop its mall, the first large-scale mall in Sri Lanka, creating a new experience.

Under the refurbishment-revamping project of the existing Liberty Plaza, there will be two floors of retail extending to 20,000 sq.ft each. This proposed addition will be connected to die existing mall on the first and second levels. This development will also include an additional car park deck to cater for the future demand.

The existing office spaces in the second floor adjoining the new food court will be converted to retail space under the revamping project. This will bring in an additional retail space of 20,000 sq.ft to the existing retail space of Liberty Plaza. Further, a food court will be developed in the 2nd floor which will be operated by a third party

There will be a pedestrian pathway around Liberty Plaza with features like urban verandas and coffee shops. 

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