With effect from 27.04.2007

Ordinary Letter (Up to 30gms only)Rs. 5.00
Business mail (Every 30 gms or part thereof)Rs. 15.00
Post CardRs. 4.00
Open Letters(Up to 30 gms only)Rs. 4.50
Business mail printed mattered, open packets and open letters  Every 30 gms or part thereofRs. 12.00
Parcel Inland
Fixed free for parcelsRs. 20.00
First 250gms or part thereofRs. 50.00
(Every additional 500gms or part there of Rs.50/-)
Periodicals & newspapers Registered in postal dept Every 60gms or part thereofRs. 8.00
(One copy and one supplement can be enclosed in one packed)
Literature for the blind Free
Value payable parcels
Fixed fee for parcelsRs. 20.00
Posting and delivery fee each itemRs. 15.00
First 250 gms or part thereofRs. 50.00
(Every additional 500gms or part thereof Rs.50.00)
Registration feeRs. 25.00
Insurance fee for every Rs.1000.00 or part of thereofRs. 15.00
(Up to a maximum of Rs.25000.00)
Speed post – (Express delivery service will cease to operation)
(First 50 gms or part thereof)
Within delivery limit of posting P.O or,  If posted in Colombo for the delivery of Colombo City limits(within 1-15 zones)Rs. 50.00
(every additional 50 gms or part thereof Rs.40/-)
Out station (Beyond the delivery limits of posting P.O)Rs. 60.00
Advice of deliveryRs. 30.00

Source  : Sri Lanka Postal Department


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