The abans offers the LG Microwaves for energy saving and time saving cooking for your home use, there offer valid for below products and the enjoy seeing the below timing for your cooking,

 Gas cooker cooking timeMicro oven cooking timeElectric oven
Solo12 mins07 minsN/A
Beans10 mins08 minsN/A
Ladies fingers04 mins02 minsN/A
Mukunuwana09 mins06 minsN/A
Potato curry25 mins16 minsN/A
Chicken10 mins07 minsN/A
Fish ambuklthiyal35 mins25 minsN/A
rice45 mins35 minsN/A
GrillN/A45 mins80 mins
Chicken 1kgN/A20 mins35 mins
Fish malat 1 kgN/A35 mins60 mins
Pork 550gN/A15 mins30 mins
MushroomN/A35 mins60 mins
Beef 500gN/A  
buttercakeN/A35 mins45 mins
Fish bunsN/A25 mins35 mins
cookiesN/A20 mins30 mins
pastryN/A35 mins45 mins


Solo Oven

Microwave MS204IC for Rs. 13,285.00

  • 20l Cooking capacity
  • 700W power output
  • Turntable (245mm)

Microwave MS2342B for Rs. 16,380.00

  • 23L Cooking capacity
  • 800W Power output
  • Turntable

Microwave MS3042G for Rs.18,440

  • 28L Cooking capacity
  • 850W Power output
  • square cavity system
  • controller (smart LED)


Grill Oven

Microwave MH6342D for Rs.18,440.00

  • 23L Cooking capacity
  • 1000W quartz grill
  • Controller (smart LED)


Microwave MH7042G for Rs. 19,470.00

  • 28L Cooking capacity
  • 900W power outout
  • 1000 quartz grill
  • Controller (smart LED)


Convection Oven

Microwave MC7849H for Rs. 28,740.00

  • 28L Cooking capacity
  • 900 W power outout
  • 1150W quartz grill
  • 1900W power convection
  • STS interiro

For more information see below image or visit nearest abans showrooms.

LG Microwave Cooking and Timing for Cooking

LG Microwave Cooking and Timing for Cooking

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