Colombo Katunayake Express Highway opens on 27th October 2013- first 3 days for Public Viewing

Opening: 27th October 2013
Public View: 3days from Opening
Entry Points: Kelaniya and Katunayake
Exit Point: Ja Ela
Distance: 30 Km
Expected Time: 15 to 20 Minutes
Fee: Not Decided Yet


The Colombo Katunayake Express Highway is scheduled to open for vehicles on October 27, 2013 and its open for Public View for 3 days from 27th October 2013.

On these Public Viewing days the sightseers will allow to use the expressway for leisure activities and the grade opening will be on thereafter.

The 30 KM Express Highway will have one exit point at Ja- Ela and 2 entry points at Kelaniya and Katunayake, and it is expected to reach Colombo to Katunayake on 15 to 20 Minutes by using this High way.

The Fee will be charge for using this Highway and the Fee is not yet decided.

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