ELBA is an exclusively Home Appliance for those who wish to enjoy their cooking and cooking experience. The Abans offers you one spot retailing facility for your Kitchen Appliance of below

Cooker Ovens

ELBA 9SER/SEA/SEX737 for Rs. 231,650.00

ELBA B5X740for Rs. 154,400.00

ELBA 55X220 for Rs. 90,540.00


Cooker Hoods

ELBA ECH9066X for Rs. 52,430.00

ELBA ECH9144X For Rs.45,900.00

ELBA ECH9664GLX For Rs.118,360.00

ELBA ECH613BK/612MB/611WH For Rs.9,900.00


Cooker Hobs

ELBA ES60-044X for Rs. 32,660.00

ELBA E41-450BK/MR for Rs. 61,700.00

ELBA E95-545X for Rs. 63,760.00

ELBA E95-555X for Rs. 76,220.00

ELBA 345-442X for Rs. 82,300.00


Built in Oven

ELBA911-800X for Rs. 159,550.00

ELBA125-722X for Rs. 62,730.00

ELBA101-800X for Rs. 188,380.00

ELBA 415-825X for Rs. 97,750.00


For more information see below image or contact Abans on 0714 020799

ELBA Home Appliances in Sri Lanka

ELBA Home Appliances in Sri Lanka

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