Government Subsidy upto Rs. 200,000.00 for Farmers Proposals on Entrepreneur Development Program from Anuradhapura District Famers

The Agriculture Ministry organized an Famers Entrepreneur Development Program for 250 Famers in Anuradhapura District. The famers are selected based on the highly agriculture areas of Kahatagasdigiliya, Horopothana and Wilachchiya area. The ministry has envisaged introducing 2000 farmer entrepreneurs island wide with the budget of Rs.40 million which had been the total allocation for the project at its first phase, had been granted of the Anuradhapura  district.

The selected farmers had been encouraged to engage in chilly, undu, big onion, cultivation, milk cow industry , improving storage facilities and sale and maintenance of agriculture machinery from the fourth coming Maha season. He said that each farmer entrepreneur would be granted a subsidy of 50% of the total estimate of expenditure for the farmer’s proposal limiting the subsidy to Rupees two lakhs


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