Grade 5 Scholarship Pass Marks: 70 Marks (70% of Students are Passed the Grade 5 Scholarship Examinations in 2013)

Grade 5 Scholarship Qualifying Marks: it’s a Usual Cut Off Marks for District

The Education Ministry announces the Special Cutoff Marks for the Pass the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination of 2013.

Those who have achieve 70 Marks is considered as Pass the grade 5 scholarship examination, and those who achieve more than the Cutoff Marks considered as Qualifying for the Scholarships of grade 5 Scholarship examination in 2013.

Those who qualify only could apply for school transfer and eligible to obtain scholarship.

It is a good encouragement for the Grade 5 student to avoiding be fed up at a small age , and this pass marks will encourage students to face any examination in future with a spirit.

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