Dressed for business with the introduction of HP elite and unleash your productivity. Featuring Intel inside, HP elite pad is built for business and enterprise Class security, Thanks to suite of productivity enhancing accessories like smart jackets, you can have a desktop PC experience when you’re in the office or a nimble and light tablet when you’re anywhere else. The new HP elite Pad it works in all the ways you do.

Now HP Elite Pad is there for the pricing starting with Rs.130,000.00

HP expansion, HP Elite Pad Rugged Case, HP Elite Pad Docking station, HP Elite Pad tablet case are also available for immediate purchases.

Visit –our Authorized partners by clicking www.hp.com/personal

Partners list-Aurora Technologies, Arc tech Lanka pvt Ltd, Transystems Pvt Ltd. 0115746800 DMS Electronic (Pvt) Ltd. 0112677667, VS information systems Pvt  Ltd. 0112599499, informatics (private) limited 0115322900

Or see below image for more information

HP Elite Pad for Rs. 130,000.00 from HP Sri Lanka

HP Elite Pad for Rs. 130,000.00 from HP Sri Lanka

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