NIBM Degree Programmes in Sri Lanka

The NIBM Now offers you a University College Dublin (UCD) Degree Programme in Sri Lanka; the University College Dublin (UCD) is a top ranked university in Europe invites you to join hands with NIBM to earn a world class degree in Business management, HRM and Information technology from the degree school of NIBM. Join us today to create a better professional life for your future.

NIBM Management Degree Programme

This is a 4 years Degree Programme after A/Ls, and The degree programme going as Advanced Diploma in Business Management in first year and Higher Diploma in Business Management for Year 2 and BSc Management or HRM in Year 3 & 4.

NIBM Diploma in English

The NIBM offers you 1 Year Diploma programme for the Diploma in English, this Diploma will help for those student who are following English Medium Degrees and Professional Qualifications after A/Ls, the programme along  with business English and report writing skills as well.

Diploma and Certificate Courses in IT

The NIBM offers range of Diploma and Certificate Courses for the Information Technology, such as

  • Diploma in Computer System Design (Full time)
  • Diploma in Software Engineering (Full time)
  • Diploma in Computer networks (Full time)
  • Certificate course in computer science
  • Certificate course in personal computer based application packages


For more information about the enrollment and the New Batches contact to NIBM on 0112683614, 0112672940, 0112685806. Or see below image

NIBM Degree Programmes in Sri Lanka
NIBM Degree Programmes in Sri Lanka

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