Piloting Degree Programmes for Local Government Universities in Sri Lanka

The Authorities are discussing the possibility of introducing a piloting degree programme to the Srilankan Government (local) universities to allow youth the chance to tap into the global aviation sector which is expected to grow significantly in the next two decades.

It is predicted that in 20 years a further 25,000 planes 480,000 technical experts and 350,000 pilots would be required by the global civil aviation industry, so Srilankan could able to tap the market on the demand of Aviation sector with the  free education at Government Universities.

The Piloting programme will costed to Rs. 1.5 Million per student, where the Srilanka education needed to allowcate sufficient funds in it. While it is a good opportunity to starts at lower level and grow in steps by step.


How to Become Pilot in Sri Lanka

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