The Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Yarlpanam (CCIY) made an announcement that the Atchchuvely Industrial Zone  is attracted seven investment include fruit and vegetable canning factories, nut and bolt manufacturing facility, agro-based industries, nylon rope manufacturing facility agro-based industries plant, ice factory, and fiber glass factories.

These seven factories will generate over 2,000 new jobs; The project is being implemented under a US$ 1.7 million (Rs.192 million) grant from India to build infrastructure and utilities at the AIZ to assist potential investors ventures. The infrastructure of this 45 acre AIZ includes construction of access roads, internal roads, water supply system with treatment plant, power supply sewerage and waste disposal system and other facilities.

Currently there are 1,000 rooms in the area and another 500 will be added in the next six months to meet the growing demand of travelers to the Peninsula. Commencing on the developments of the Chamber he said that the fund, youth business Sri Lanka they launched to financially Assist macro and micro projects in the area has how reached almost Rs.4 million.

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