Samsung Sri Lanka open up their 100th Showroom in Island wide and announces a special Promotion for this celebration.

23” LED TV

Rs. 32,990.00


Rs. 54,990.00


Rs. 119,990.00

Galaxy Young

Rs. 22,900.00

Galaxy Star

Rs. 14,900.00

Galaxy Pocket neo

Rs. 17,900.00

Galaxy S Duos

Rs. 33,900.00


Rs. 6,290.00

Home Theatre T-F450K

Rs. 29,990.00


Rs. 49,990.00

MX 630 – Hi-Fi

Rs. 27,990.00

ES95 Camera

Rs. 14,990.00

ST 72 Camera

Rs. 18,990.00

WB 200F Camera

Rs. 33,990.00

Samsung Laptop NP270E4V-K02KL

Rs. 69,900.00

Samsung Laptop NP275E4V-K01LK

Rs. 49,990.00

Samsung Washing Machine

Rs. 58,900.00

Samsung WF550

Rs. 105,900.00

Samsung Refrigerator RR 1914ABSE

Rs. 44,900.00

Samsung Refrigerator RT26FAR

Rs. 82,900.00

Samsung Refrigerator RT26FAK

Rs. 82,900.00

Samsung Refrigerator ME83HD

Rs. 15,900.00


For more information contact to Samsung Sri lanka or Singhagiri Pvt Ltd- Samsung Plaza 515, darley Road, Colombo-10 hotline- 0115413413 or visit or see below image

Samsung Celebrates 100 Showrooms in Sri Lanka

Samsung Celebrates 100 Showrooms in Sri Lanka

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