Who Moved My Cheese Book now for USD 7.90 after 40% Discount

Who Moved My Cheese Book now for USD 7.90 after 40% Discount

Few books remain on bestseller lists ten years after publication, but few books have the timeless, universal message of Who Moved My Cheese? The tenth anniversary of this incredible #1 bestseller will both remind listeners familiar with the story and reveal to a whole new generation the unique power of this deceptively simple fable, and comes with exclusive audio material, direct from Spencer Johnson himself, that can enhance the listener’s experience and appreciation of this life-changing one-of-a-kind tale.

In the exclusive interview conducted with S&S Audio for this anniversary edition, Johnson speaks candidly on a variety of related topics. He also speaks for the first time about the message of his next blockbuster parable, Peaks and Valleys, and reveals how it compares to and builds upon the message of Who Moved My Cheese? Ten years after publication, Who Moved My Cheese? is as timely and powerful as the day it was published, and offered with the exclusive new material in our 10th Anniversary Edition, listeners will now be able to understand and apply its message better than ever before.

Retail Price:USD 13.25
Discount:USD. 5,35
Audio CDUSD 19.90
Hardback Book:USD 13.08

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