The Emirates announces special promotions for the leading destination of the World to make you Wake up somewhere different Choose where you want be tomorrow. The prices start from just LKR 30,804.00

The Promotion Booking promotion is valid till 15th November 2013 and travel is valid till 30th November 2013.

DallasLKR 216,569LKR 544,769LKR 804,769
DubaiLKR 59,057LKR 157,257LKR 212,957
FrankfurtLKR 115,853LKR 315,753LKR 492,753
JohannesburgLKR 141,703LKR 298,603LKR 408,603
LondonLKR 130,849LKR 356,381LKR 556,381
Los AngelesLKR 201,386LKR 559,586LKR 815,586
MelbourneLKR 117,174LKR 317,474LKR 503,174
ParisLKR 113,754LKR 327,220LKR 483,220
San FranciscoLKR 214,886LKR 589,586LKR 815,586
SingaporeLKR 30,804LKR 94,904LKR 166,904


*other Terms and conditions apply, for more information see below image or contact Emirates on 0114 704070

Emirates Special Promotion till 15th Nov 2013

Emirates Special Promotion till 15th Nov 2013

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