Small & Medium Industrial Exhibition 2014 (SMIDEX 2014) is organised by the industrial development board of Ceylon to taking Sri Lanka to the new era of industrialization.

The Exhibition is schedule to be on 23rd to 25th May 2014 at BMICH, Colombo Srilanka.

The below industrialist are taking part of the exhibition;

  • Ceramic, Porcelain & Pottery
  • Chemical & Chemical Products
  • Coconut & Coconut Products
  • Construction & Building Materials
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Fibre Glass & Plastic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Footwear, Leather & Leather Products
  • Garment & Apparels
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Industrial Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
  • Light Engineering & Foundry
  • Mineral & Mineral Products
  • Natural Fibre & Fibre Products
  • Paper & Paper based Products
  • Rubber & Rubber based Products
  • Spices & Spices based Products
  • Waste Renewable & Recycle and Renewable Energy
  • Wood & Wood based Products


These Exhibitions are suites to the

  • Decision Makers & Top Executives of Manufacturing and Engineering Enterprises
  • Technical Experts
  • Presidents, Chairmen, CEOs & Directors of Chambers, Associations and Co-operatives
  • Purchasing, Plant, Marketing, Sales and R & D I leads
  • SMI Policy & Decision Makers
  • Industrial-‘ Business Consultants and Contractor
  • Government Delegates and Officials
  • Industrial and Commercial Traders/ buyers/ Cxponers.’1 Sub Contractors & Outsourcing Partners
  • Various Industrial Chambers, Associations and their Members & Representatives


Event highlights

  1. Authorized and supported by national level state agencies and industrial & business associations
  2. Extensive promotion through Newspapers, Hoardings, Posters, Radio Jingles, TV commercials. Online promotion via various Websites, Press Conference, mass mailing & mass SMSs
  3. Live demonstrations of operating Machineries as well as processing of certain products
  4. Participation by the leading national and international organizations engaged with SMI development and promotion
  5. Spread over 3 days, the SMIDEX 2014 is the right venue for just about every opportunity in market, technology, machinery, raw materials and other allied services facility for SMIs as well,as the general public to purchase SMI’s products at concessive and competitive price rates
  6. SMIDEX 2014 focuses exclusively on SMI Machinery, Technology and allied Services
  7. Be it new product launch, latest innovation or marketing of an existing product, SMIDEX 2014 is the right platform to exhibit.
  8. Opportunity to meet the decision makers as well as business development service providers and facilitators in the SMIs sector
  9. Prominent industrialists for inauguration resulting in higher number of Industrial visitors & wider media coverage
  10. Great destination to develop businesses, create new joint ventures, distribute products and services, and start new collaborations

For more information contact to Dammika 0718 032 565 or Nandani 0714 484377

Or see below image

Small & Medium Industrial Exhibition 2014 – from 23rd to 25th May 2014 at BMICH

Small & Medium Industrial Exhibition 2014 – from 23rd to 25th May 2014 at BMICH

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