The Central Bank is authorized to regulate and supervise the below named institutions in order to promote prudence in their business operations and thereby safeguard the deposits of the public. However, the Central Bank does not have legal authority to guarantee deposits or assure that any such institution will never fail. The Central Bank has introduced a Deposit Insurance Scheme to guarantee the repayment of deposits upto Rs.200,000 per depositor in the event of a failure of a bank or a finance company supervised by it, with effect from 1st January 2012.

When depositing money in any of the above institutions, please exercise due care for the safety of your deposits.


Licensed Commercial Banks

  1. Amana Bank Ltd
  2. Axis Bank Ltd
  3. Bank of Ceylon
  4. Cargills Bank Ltd.
  5. Citibank, N.A
  6. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  7. Deutsche Bank AG
  8. DFCC Vardhana Bank PLC
  9. Habib Bank Ltd
  10. Hatton National Bank PLC
  11. ICICI Bank Ltd
  12. Indian Bank
  13. Indian Overseas Bank
  14. MCB Bank Ltd
  15. National Development Bank PI C
  16. Nations Trust Bank PLC
  17. Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC
  18. People’s Bank
  19. Public Bank Berhad
  20. Sampath Bank PLC
  21. Seylan Bank PLC
  22. Standard Chartered Bank
  23. State Bank of India
  24. The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
  25. Union Bank of Colombo PLC


Licensed Specialised Banks

  1. DFCC Bank
  2. Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank of Sri Lanka
  3. Lankaputra Development Bank Ltd
  4. MBSL Savings Bank Ltd
  5. National Savings Bank
  6. Pradeshiya Sanwardhana Bank
  7. Sanasa Development Bank PLC
  8. Sri Lanka Savings Bank Ltd
  9. State Mortgage & Investment Bank


Licensed Finance Companies

  1. Abans Finance PLC
  2. Alliance Finance Co PLC
  3. AMW Capital Leasing and Finance PLC
  4. Arpico Finance Co. PLC
  5. Asia Asset Finance PLC
  6. Asian Finance Ltd
  7. Associated Motor Finance Co. PLC
  8. Bartleet Finance PLC
  9. Bimputh Finance PLC
  10. BRAC Lanka Finance PLC
  11. Capital Alliance Finance PLC
  12. Central Finance Co. PLC
  13. Central Investments and Finance PLC*
  14. Chilaw Finance PLC
  15. Citizens Development Business Finance PLC
  16. City Finance Corporation Ltd
  17. Commercial Credit and Finance PLC
  18. Commercial Leasing and Finance PLC
  19. Deshodaya Development Finance Co. Ltd
  20. ETI Finance Ltd
  21. George Steuart Finance PLC
  22. Ideal Finance Ltd
  23. Indra Finance Ltd.
  24. Kanrich Finance Ltd
  25. Lanka ORIX Finance PLC
  26. LB Finance PLC
  27. Melsta Regal Finance Ltd
  28. Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC
  29. MCSL Financial Services Ltd
  30. Multi Finance PLC
  31. Nation Lanka Finance PLC
  32. Orient Finance PLC
  33. People’s Leasing & Finance PLC
  34. People’s Merchant Finance PLC
  35. Prime Grameen Micro Finance Ltd
  36. Richard Pieris Arpico Finance Ltd
  37. Senkadagala Finance PLC
  38. Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC
  39. Sinhaputhra Finance PLC
  40. Siyapatha Finance l td
  41. Softlogic Finance PLC
  42. Swamamahal Financial Services PLC
  43. The Finance Co. PLC
  44. The Standard Credit Finance Ltd
  45. TKS Finance Ltd
  46. Trade Finance & Investments PLC
  47. UB Finance Co. Ltd
  48. Vallibel Finance PLC

*Managed by the managing agent appointed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and undergoing restructuring. In the meantime, deposit mobilisation has been suspended.

Some of the above mentioned banks and finance companies would be merged/acquired/absorbed under the currently ongoing consolidation process. In this regard, the general public is being informed that the consolidation processes will not, in any way, affect their current transactions and deposits with the above mentioned banks and finance companies.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka Licensed Commercial Banks, Special Banks and Finance Company – Name List attached

Central Bank of Sri Lanka Licensed Commercial Banks, Special Banks and Finance Company – Name List attached

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